[Samba] Problem with groups and user

grant little grantliddle at gmail.com
Tue Sep 7 21:53:19 MDT 2010

2010/9/7 Olivier PAVILLA <olivier.pavilla at univ-orleans.fr>

> Before everything. Please forgive my poor english. It is not my fault I'm a
> french :(
> I have samba/ldap server with windows users.
> On my Samba/ldap server , I'm using GQ. If I look about groups. There is :
> 'iatoss, exterieurs, other and onther'
> If I look about 'mdupont' user. " GQ says  'mdupont' is in "iatoss" group.
> On the server, If I type "groups". It gives me :  root bin daemon sys adm
> disk wheel
> If I type : 'groups mdupont'. It gives me 'iatoss'
> My problem is when mdupont user makes a file in his windows desktop. If I
> look in his directory and if I do ls -al. His file has owner mdupont group
> "root"... But I do not understand how this user can make a file with
> himself has owner and 'root' has group. Usually, when user from blabla group
> makes a file. This file has this user has owner and blabla as a group. So it
> can be possible. Anyone has a idea?
> Olivier, first, your english is way better than my *Français*  so no
apology needed.

Maybe  you are using an old version of samba: what version of samba on what
operating system?
what settings do you in smb.conf for the share that mdupont is using?

There is for smb.conf
group (synonym for force group)
force group
to force whatever group you want on files made in a share

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