[Samba] Problem with groups and user

Olivier PAVILLA olivier.pavilla at univ-orleans.fr
Tue Sep 7 05:58:23 MDT 2010

Before everything. Please forgive my poor english. It is not my fault I'm a french :(
I have samba/ldap server with windows users.
On my Samba/ldap server , I'm using GQ. If I look about groups. There is : 'iatoss, exterieurs, other and onther'
If I look about 'mdupont' user. " GQ says  'mdupont' is in "iatoss" group.
On the server, If I type "groups". It gives me :  root bin daemon sys adm disk wheel
If I type : 'groups mdupont'. It gives me 'iatoss'
My problem is when mdupont user makes a file in his windows desktop. If I look in his directory and if I do ls -al. His file has owner mdupont group
"root"... But I do not understand how this user can make a file with himself has owner and 'root' has group. Usually, when user from blabla group makes a file. This file has this user has owner and blabla as a group. So it can be possible. Anyone has a idea? 

Olivier Pavilla
S.C.I.R.C. Orléans (Bourgogne) - I.U.F.M. Centre-Val de Loire
72 Rue du Faubourg Bourgogne -45044 ORLEANS Cedex 1
Tel : 02-38-49-26-20 , mailto:olivier.pavilla at univ-orleans.fr

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