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Wed Oct 20 02:45:58 MDT 2010

d2565778  ) it seems that a BDC can be configured only with a LDAP backend. 

> if not you may have to make the
>  new
>  server a PDC.
I don't think I can run 2 PDCs on the same Domain , right ? 

>   -  Copy the samba private directory (with the tdb files) from the 1st
>  server to the 2nd server.   In effect, this temporarily syncs the two
>  servers.
Is it sufficient ? Do I have to set the local SID of the BDC as the value of
the PDC's SID ? 
i.e. : 
[oldserver$]net getlocalsid 
-> <value>
[newserver$]net setlocalsid <value>

>   -  promote the new server to PDC and the old server to BDC.
>   -  after hours-  move the shared directories to the BDC, update login
>  script if necessary.
By "After hours" , do you mean after some sufficient long delay (one day ?)
for everyclient to have authenticated with the BDC ? 

>  Clients will connect to either a PDC or a BDC for authentication.-  it
>  doesn't really matter that much except that clients will prefer a BDC
>  if
>  available.
>  Once you take the OLD server offline you may need to have clients
>  reboot to
>  have them use the new server for authentication.  But at least domain
>  membership will not be broken?
This is not a problem, I can easily ask all users to reboot. 

>  Are you using a WINS server?
Yes , samba is also WINS server. Is it important ?

I will have to make some heavy testing before doing the actual migration.
Having 200 clients breaking their Domain membership will be some kind of a
disaster :-( . 

Thanks a lot for your help. Any additional information welcome. 


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>  Subject: [Samba] Samba migration to a new server
>  Hi all,
>  Is it possible to migrate Samba to a new server without breaking
>  Domain
>  membership of all the clients ?
>  I didn't get any info on that issue, is there someone that has
>  previous
>  experience of doing that ? Or maybe a link to some relevant info ?
>  I have currently a Samba 3.5.6 server that acts as a PDC and print
>  Server,
>  with tdbsam backend, no LDAP at all, no roaming profile. I have to
>  migrate
>  samba to a new server. Everything (Samba release, Domain Name, shares,
>  ...)
>  will remain the same except for the DNS name and IP address of the
>  server,
>  and the samba server netbios name.
>  What is the best way to proceed to make this migration as seamless as
>  possible for all users (more than 200 user accounts with more than 200
>  PC in
>  the domain) ? I guess that just moving all the samba configuration
>  files
>  from the old machine to the new one will not be enough.
>  Thanks in advance. I really need your help.
>  Henri
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