[Samba] "server string" ignored by Windows 7?

terry+samba at tmk.com terry+samba at tmk.com
Wed Oct 27 04:20:46 MDT 2010

  I'm upgrading the desktops on my LAN from Windows XP to Windows 7 (x64
Ultimate, if that matters). The samba version is 3.5.6 on FreeBSD 8.1

  I can successfully map the samba shares on both XP and 7, but while XP
shows the expected description which includes the server string (for ex-
ample, "data on 'RAIDzilla II (rz2)' (Y:)", 7 shows only "data (\\rz2) 

  Additionally, on the Windows 7 systems, the samba servers don't appear
in "Network" (the desktop icon of the same name). If I say "start \\rz1"
in a command window, I see the share on the samba server. I don't know if
this is related to the issue with the server string or not.

  I have a very simple smb.conf:

# Samba config file for RAIDzilla II

# Global parameters
        server string = RAIDzilla II
        security = user
        log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m
        max log size = 50
        dns proxy = No
        hosts allow = 192.168.0., 10.40.18., 127.
        interfaces = lagg0

        path = /data
        read only = No

  Are there samba config options that can be changed to get the same be-
havior on Windows 7 that I get on XP? If not, is there something that can
be changed on the Windows 7 side?

        Terry Kennedy             http://www.tmk.com
        terry at tmk.com             New York, NY USA

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