[Samba] CTDB_Recovery_Lock

Vogelsang, Andreas a.vogelsang at uni-muenster.de
Mon Oct 25 11:11:39 MDT 2010

Hello list,

I compiled the CTDB version from samba.org::ftp/unpacked/ctdb with the parameter: " --prefix= "
This I did on CentOS 5.5
Then I copy and edit ctdb.sysconfig from /usr/src/ctdb/config to /etc/sysconfig/ctdb

I set CTDB_RECOVERY_LOCK="/share/ctdb_lock/lock_file" on all three nodes. 
Every node can read and write on /share.
When I try to start ctdb it start successful with [OK]. But it print the message "No recovery lock specified. Starting CTBD without split brain prevention."

When I start the ctdbd with the " --reclock=/share/ctdb_lock/lock_file " parameter it start's up without any problems.

At the first time we compile ctdb without set the parameter " --prefix= ". But then he put all files in /usr/local/...
For example: /usr/local/etc/ctdb/...

Why he don't take the lock file on /share/ctdb_lock/lock_file? Must this file a specific one?

Sorry if this is the wrong mailinglist for ctdb.



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