[Samba] Application will not run for domain user

Robert Moskowitz rgm at htt-consult.com
Thu Oct 21 21:39:27 MDT 2010

On 10/21/2010 11:11 PM, Gaiseric Vandal wrote:
> Two possible options:
> 1) It may not be a local vs domain user issue. It may be an administrator vs
> non administrator issus.
> Can you add the domain user to the local administrators group?

OK. That was it. Though I added the user into the Power User group. Kind 
of hokey that was needed. Good thing there are only a couple computers 
here on my network.

And I had to reboot twice. After the change, I still could not run the 
program, so on a hunch I reboot. Then XP could not access the user 
profile information and created a temp profile. A second reboot got 
everything working.

> 2) It may be the file permissions-  samba doesn't always translate the unix
> acl's to windows properly. If you can run quicken with the data on the XP
> machines local hard drive than this is the case.   What is the Samba PDC OS
> and File system?   I found Solaris 10 ZFS was especially tricky.  If you
> right click on a network directory or file, and check the permissions do you
> get an warning about permissions being incorrectly ordered?  Can you check
> effective permissions to see if a "deny group" is overriding an "allow
> user?"

I knew this was not the case. I was able to access the file(s) just fine 
from the local user by browsing and mounting the share.

I got this set. Now we will see what is the next issue to pop up...

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> I have set up a Samba PDC using the Amahi.org distro, so there might be
> some things they still have a bit off...
> Anyway, I have a somewhat old program, Quicken 2000.
> On my old Win2K workstation on an old NT server, it ran just fine for
> domain users.  The software is installed on the workstation, and the
> data is on the server.
> But on my new XP Pro workstation on my new Samba PDC, it only runs for a
> local user, and that user is a super user (I have not created a regular
> user on the system yet).  It will not run for the domain user.
> I reinstalled the software while logged on as the domain user.  I got
> prompted to supply a user with admin privs for the install, which I
> did.  I still cannot run the program from the domain user.
> Where do I look to fix this?

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