[Samba] Accented characters in share names

Moray Henderson Moray.Henderson at ict-software.org
Thu Oct 21 04:52:10 MDT 2010

Nicolas Jungers wrote:
>I'm facing a problem that should be common but for which I don't find
>much info.  I'm trying to smbmount some smb share served by a w2k3
>server.  I've no problem to mount the shares unless their name includes
>accented letters.  I've successfully replaced the spaces in the names by
>\040 but replacing the accented letter by their UTF-8 and latin-1 in
>octal value, but that doesn't seems to do the trick.
>The client is a ubuntu 10.04 with mount.cifs version: 1.12-3.4.7
>Anybody knows the way to express arbitrary characters in a smbmount

Current mount.cifs version in the 3.4 series seems to be 1.14-3.4.9.

Guessing: I think w2k3 uses UCS-2; what happens if you replace the accented letter by its UCS-2 code?

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