[Samba] Accented characters in share names

Nicolas Jungers nicolas at jungers.net
Mon Oct 11 16:22:53 MDT 2010


I'm facing a problem that should be common but for which I don't find 
much info.  I'm trying to smbmount some smb share served by a w2k3 
server.  I've no problem to mount the shares unless their name includes 
accented letters.  I've successfully replaced the spaces in the names by 
\040 but replacing the accented letter by their UTF-8 and latin-1 in 
octal value, but that doesn't seems to do the trick.

The client is a ubuntu 10.04 with mount.cifs version: 1.12-3.4.7

Anybody knows the way to express arbitrary characters in a smbmount stanza?


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