[Samba] Shuting down Windows from linux

Nuno Gonçalves nunojpg at gmail.com
Sat Oct 16 03:25:56 MDT 2010

I'm trying to shutdown a Windows XP machine from Ubuntu.

nuno at sky9:~$ net rpc shutdown -U "Miguel" -I
Enter Miguel's password:

Shutdown of remote machine succeeded
nuno at sky9:~$ rpcclient -U Miguel -I -c REG shutdownEnter
Miguel's password:
Cannot connect to server.  Error was NT_STATUS_DUPLICATE_NAME

Both of this commands fail. When I check windows logs, they look as if
a "Guest" tried to shutdown the computer. Because of this, if I set
the remote shutdown permissions to "Everyone" it works.
So the issue is: Why isn't it being logger in as "Miguel"?

Trying Terminal Server Client to and User Miguel connects
easily to the windows machine. So the account and password is correct.


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