[Samba] home share and user map issue

David Roid dataroid at gmail.com
Sat Oct 9 03:30:03 MDT 2010

Greetings list,

Have a situation that doesn't fail but with inconsistent results:

With a Samba 3.5.4 running as AD member, and map an AD user into a local
user on Samba server, configurations are like below:

smb.conf:       username map = /usermap.txt
usermap.txt:   foo = MYDOM\bar

Then try to access AD user bar's home directory via

1) smbclient //localhost/bar      -U bar%<passwd>
2) smbclient //localhost/foo      -U bar%<passwd>
3) smbclient //localhost/homes -U bar%<passwd>

Guess what? 1) and 2) work well, I can get into home directory and mkdir and
everything. Against 3) however, I could still log in, but when I try 'ls' I
get these:


Bacially I can't do nothing via 3), only 'pwd' shows "Current directory is
\\localhost\homes\", seems Samba succeeded to authenticate user but failed
to resolve into the correct home directory.

So what's big deal you might say, 1) and 2) still work fine. True, but this
bothers me because, hmm quite frankly, it bothers my boss and my customer.

So, could someone help me out here?

And a quick question #2, can I map a local user into another local user?
Both users are created on the Samba server. How?


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