[Samba] CTDB with 3 nodes and local disks without a dedicated SAN

Max mxx2 at mailspot.at
Fri Oct 8 05:04:46 MDT 2010

  Hi Daniel,

thank you very much for your fast answer!

> you should try iscsi drbd gfs if you think and mix wisely it should
> start. THis is, you have on central point of storage where all three nodes
> write to and this storage backed up.
wouldn't I have one single point of failure then (in terms of HA) or did 
I get something wrong?
> My latest try with ctdb did not work on CentOs. The package was brocken.
Good to know, thanks, I'll compile it from source then as I also run 
CentOS 5.5, wanted to use 3.5 anyway.
> And I think it is not
> possible to cluster a DC.
Could you elaborate more on this?
Do you mean it's not possible to cluster samba acting as a DC? If that's 
what you're saying and it's true I must have missed the biggest point.
>> I'd like to set up 3 samba nodes clustered with CTDB, with each
>> node/machine having its own sets of local disks.
>> It would be great if 2 machines and/or sets of local disks could fail
>> the same time without taking down samba.
>> Is this only possible using DRBD as suggested in the current Samba 3
> book?
The book by Volker Lendecke, Karolin Seeger, Björn Jacke and Michael Adam.
Maybe it's only available in German, I don't know.

Thank you,


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