[Samba] Windows 7 cannot connect to domain member

Michel Correge Michel.Correge at cert.fr
Wed Oct 6 02:28:58 MDT 2010


That is THE solution. It runs nows.
Thanks for your help.


On 10/05/10 16:31, Jean-Jacques Moulis wrote:
> On 10/5/2010 1:42 PM, Michel Correge wrote:
>> When I try to connect some share (user's home) from the Windows box, I
>> get strange results :
>> - If the share is on the PDC, I can connect giving Username and Password
>> - If the share is on a member of the domain different from the PDC,
>> connection fails.
> for clients not member of the domain, you need to specify the domain
> in the username box when connecting to a member server.
> DomainName\Username
> when the domain name is unspecified the member server
> uses MemberServerName\UserName and that don't work
> (if you do not define such an user on the member server
> local password database)
> this behavior is rather new for samba but normal for a windows server.

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