[Samba] re. 3.4.9 printing addprinter command reparse doesn't see new printer

Jack Downes jax at nwmt.us
Tue Oct 5 12:23:41 MDT 2010

> I'm wondering about the two things that may have changed besides the 
> version of Samba. One is that you are using security=user in a system 
> without a domain. I don't think that should change anything except 
> that you probably don't have a machine account on the server.
> The other thing is that you may be testing using a Windows 7 client. 
> Do you get the same result using a Windows XP client? Possibly the 
> client interactions have changed with Windows 7, such as a lowering of 
> the retry or timeout settings before reporting the error you are getting?
My goal with this is to make everything work before I join it to the 
domain.  And then go on through and fix those problems.  I've already 
had this machine successfully joined to the domain, and doing it's thing 
with cups-pdf - printing documents into home dirs, having people connect 
without passwords, etc, all that works.  I ran into considerable trouble 
with the printing system, asked in irc and this list, but since I didn't 
get much reply, I chose to destroy the system and start over with a much 
simpler method - just security=user.  It seems that Samba really has it 
sorted for getting joined up as a member server - that part was 
exceptionally easy and worked very well.  It's the printing that's 
always caused me issues.

Now, I have a WindowsXP 32 bit pro machine, a Windows 2003 32 bit 
server, and a Windows 7 x64 pro machine for testing against the samba 

They do not behave the same way.  Looking at the logs with level 10, I'd 
say it's near impossible to actually add a printer with Windows 7.  the 
information that's sent from the Windows 7 machine is severely mangled, 
and as such, it's not a machine I can consider for use as a printer 
admin machine.

As clients, however, these machines all behave the same way, and as 
expected which is just fine.

Who knows, it might be that this all goes away once winbindd is engaged 
with the domain user mapping and such again.

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