[Samba] re. 3.4.9 printing addprinter command reparse doesn't see new printer

Gary Dale garydale at rogers.com
Mon Oct 4 16:21:22 MDT 2010

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You could try something like /etc/init.d/samba restart (or your local 
equivalent) to the end of perl script.



I have cups printing with cups 1.4.4.   I'm using the included 
smbaddprinter.pl command to add printers to my server.

Now, my error is that when I add the printer, I get ACCESS DENIED in the 
windows client, but if  I check cups, there the printer is.  And if I 
wait a bit with the windows client or reload samba, there the printer is 
within the share as well.

Now, from the man page on smb.conf

"Once the /|addprinter command|/ has been executed, |smbd| will reparse 
the | smb.conf| to determine if the share defined by the APW exists. If 
the sharename is still invalid, then |smbd | will return an 
ACCESS_DENIED error to the client."

So... is there a way for me to ask Samba to wait a few seconds before 
reparsing the smb.conf to check for the new printer?  I tried adding a 
sleep() to the perl script, but that seems to make the issue worse, so 
that's not the choice it seems.

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