[Samba] networking problem/Domain not available

Robert S robert at spotswood-computer.net
Sun Nov 28 22:18:25 MST 2010

Answers are in-line.

On Sunday, November 28, 2010 08:31:57 pm Gaiseric Vandal wrote:
> Is your test PC on the same switch as the samba servers?


> Were you able to look at the event logs on the XP machines?

No. Well, not yet.

> If this problem occurs with the new switch and the PDC but not the new
> server ,  the only thing I could think to try would be to lock the server's
> NIC settings to force  1 speed and 1 duplex mode.     For XP machines,
> Ethernet "media detection" can cause windows network problems-  I know the
> problem is not with the XP machine but maybe something similar is happening
> on the server side-  pings and dhcp assignments may be more tolerant of a
> flaky connection.
> If this only happens when both samba machines are on line then you may have
> a conflict with which machine is the browser-  although that should only
> affect clients just coming on line.  And WINS usually avoids those issues.

No. Both the new file server and the PDC have been online at the same time and 
working. I could log into the domain and even map the shares on the new file 
server. This was before they purchased the new switch. I plugged the new file 
server into a jack on one of the three older switches that had an off computer 
at the other end of the jack. The PDC is the wins server and the new server is 
set to use the PDC wins server.

> Did you copy any "private" or "lock" files from one samba server to another
> ?    Are both samba servers the same version?

No to both questions. The config file for the new file server is from scratch 
(well, modified the sample config file). The PDC is samba 3.0.something, while 
the new file server is samba 3.5.something. I've been on their case about 
upgrading the PDC, but it's so far fallen on deaf ears.

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> > The problem is when I do this, none of the workstations (XP based) can
> find
> > the domain controller any more (domain not available). I switch the
> > cables back (remove the switch), everything works fine. Use the switch
> > again,
> same
> > problem. This means it's not the signorseal problem.
> I don't know your problem, but I know how I'd proceed... unplug the PDC,
> then plug the new switch in between it and the other switches, but DON'T
> plug the new server in yet.  Test it.  If it works, but stops when you
> plug in the new server, then your problem is the new server.
> -- Chris.

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