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Petre Bandac petre at kgb.ro
Wed Nov 24 05:52:36 MST 2010

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I have found a workaround by installing a terminal server and having the
app work within the lan - browsing the database is ok, only when
printing to the local printer it takes about 30-40 sec

however, I would like to find out what is the cause for this behaviour

as shown by testparm, wins is enabled

I will try to enter the machine in /etc/hosts and see if I get some

Moray Henderson wrote:
> Petre Bandac wrote:
>> - - when ran from a remote location (connected via openvpn), the app
> takes
>> a very long time to open, and when searching for records it takes more
>> than 2-3 minutes to display the results of the query (even though other
>> tests have shown the connectivity is ok and file transfer is as fast as
>> the line allows) - this happens even if this workstation is the only
> one
>> accesing the fileserver
> Is name resolution working properly?  Windows shortcuts contain a hidden
> server name; if Windows has trouble resolving the server by name you can
> have long delays.  Similarly for database queries.
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