[Samba] Need help changing user password

Mark Sheppard mes at ams.org
Thu Nov 18 09:20:06 MST 2010


I have checked for both net setpassword and samba-tool 
in Samba4 Alpha13 but they are not there. Maybe I can
download samba-tool which will still work? When I try
doing a net setpassword it brings up the help menu
without this item listed. These are the only items
that are listed which are similar:
   net getlocalsid [NAME]        to get the SID for local machine name
   net setlocalsid SID   to set the local machine SID
   net getdomainsid the machine SID and the domain SID on the local server
   net setdomainsid SID  to set the domain SID on member servers
   net changesecretpw    to change the machine password in the local secrets database only
         		this requires the -f flag as a safety barrier
Thanks for the support and I will keep checking to see 
if I can obtain samba-tool.

Mark Sheppard
> Try: net setpassword --help
> (or samba-tool for later versions of Samba4).
> -- 
> Michael Wood <esiotrot at gmail.com>

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