[Samba] samba on SLES 10: binding problem

Stefan G. Weichinger lists at xunil.at
Wed Nov 10 02:37:05 MST 2010

Greets, samba-users,

I try to find a solution for the following situation:

We run samba on a SLES10 SP3 server (32bit). All the SLES-updates are in ...

The server started to show problems with CUPS, cupsd just stopped
working out of the blue and had to be restarted. No specific errors were
logged. I wrote a small script to watchdog that daemon and restart it
(people want to print ...) while also tar-ing the logs aside.

Now we also had samba stopping 3 or 4 times.

In the beginning it was an old release (3.0.37 or so), I gradually
upgraded, my last step yesterday was from 3.4.9 to 3.5.6 (using the rpms
from sernet.de, thanks), after the last stopped samba on friday.

The problem was that smbd seemed not to be able to bind to the network
interface. I issued "/etc/init.d/smb restart" and netstat did not show
an smbd bound to the IP of eth0 after this. Only a "rcnetwork restart"
helped sometimes (or a reboot).

We are trying to reproduce the problem, but aren't successful so far.
Maybe 3.5.6 solves it?

Additional info: the server is the PDC for the NT4-domain there, and we
also think of the windows-7-clients to maybe do something nasty ... ?
Ah, and one specific thing is that the server is also hosting VMware
Server 2 (maybe the networking-part of that beast is cross-firing).

I'd be thankful for any thoughts or advice ... thanks!


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