[Samba] Problems with ACL jumbo patch

Miguel Medalha miguelmedalha at sapo.pt
Mon Nov 8 07:21:21 MST 2010

> I have been able to get the unpatched versions to compile from git
> successfully, though not with the patch implemented.

I just reproduced all your steps and it went well, without any glitch. I 
am on CentOS 5.5. All the patches were applied correctly. Maybe you have 
a path problem here?

> 6. sudo git am -3 ../samba_patches/samba-3-5-x-acl-jumbo-patch/*.patch

I adapted your line to my own path (without the "/samba_patches" part) 
and all went well...

> 10. sudo make [The build failed on the error 'cli_krb5_get_ticket', in the
> function 'spnego_gen_negTokenTarg'. Make: *** [libsmb/clispnego.o] Error 1]

Maybe you have some missing dependency here, related to kerberos...

rpm -qa | grep krb5 gives me the following:


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