[Samba] getting error with setfacl

Miguel Medalha miguelmedalha at sapo.pt
Wed Nov 3 18:49:56 MDT 2010

What I meant was: the vfs_acl_xattr is a very good idea. Is there some 
other way to get/set the ACLs it stores other than using the Windows 
graphic interface on a Windows client machine? If not, that's what I 
find uncomfortable with this solution. That's why I asked for a command 
line tool to get/set the ACLs from the *nix server side.

> There is the smbcacls tool that already ships with Samba.
> It works via smbd, not directly on the xattr's, but I think
> that's probably the right way to do it.

Ok, we're on the right track now. Do you mean that smbcacls is 
compatible with the use of the vfs_acl_xattr module? Will the ACLs set 
with that tool be passed to the module and stored in Extended Attributes?

I find smbcacls a very "unfriendly" utility... I couldn't find a way to 
read the ACLs when using the vfs module. My fault probably, I never 
really tried hard...

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