[Samba] Steps to move away parts away from samba?

Tim-Ole Alexander Golz toag at izsr.de
Wed May 19 10:36:16 MDT 2010

hi, Mike,

maybe it won´t be that helpful, but we are exactly on the opposite path ...

why? because we are struggling with Windows since Windows NT (currently with 2008 Server), and there are LOTS of appointments as well.

it happens that Microsoft is changing a config from 2k3 to 2k8, things are broken , not always working very well ...

Samba, on the other hand, is an ever-ongoing battle, yes, but thats Windows server as well, and you dont have to pay the license fee for Samba.

we are servicing some small and medium size companys, and many of the users are frustrated about Microsoft products, especially there where we introduced Vista.

and Windows 2003 terminalserver is a horror!

more specific: yes, you can activate AD in a windows 2008 server, and you can authenticate Unix machines at a ADS domain. but dont expect that everything will work very well or without searching fpor solutions and googling and messing around with hundreds of mouseclicks in the Microsoft configuration-menu-jungle ...



Am 19. mai 2010 um 17.29 schrieb Mike Eggleston:

> Morning,
> I like samba, but I'm tired of what I feel is fighting battles. I want
> to move the PDC portion of samba to an Active Directory server (I've
> been told AD is a part of Server 2008?). Would someone please list the
> steps for doing this? My rough idea so far is:
> - take an LDIF from OpenLDAP
> - install the server 2008 box
> - load the LDIF into AD
> - join the AD box to the samba domain
> - modify samba to look at AD instead of OpenLDAP
> - ... now I'm lost, is this done?
> - point all unix boxes from OpenLDAP to AD
> - turn off OpenLDAP
> After this migration my next migration is to move from Cyrus to
> Exchange. I hate to do this. I like Cyrus and don't like Microsoft.
> I'm a unix person, not a windows person. With one exception everyone here
> has windows on their desktop. I don't want to hack any more registery
> entries, or have people complain about permissions not being, or have
> users question "where are these [dot] files in my home directory...."
> My company is a small software development shop and how has licenses as
> part of joining something inside Microsoft. I don't think they'll balk
> at this move.
> Mike
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