[Samba] PHPLDAPAAdmin: SMB-Password not hashed

Tim-Ole Alexander Golz toag at izsr.de
Wed May 19 05:23:24 MDT 2010

Hi, all there,

first of all I like to introduce me cause this is my first post on this list: I am a networkadmin from Germany, struggling with Apple, Linux and Windows for a couple of years now ...

I have occassionally worked with samba as a domain controller for three or four years now, but with systems windows 2000 / windows 2003 server / windows XP clients. 

I have successfully installed some samba-servers working as PDC, even with LDAP as smbpasswd-Backend.

my question is a bit off-topic, but I found no useful help on the web:

on our current project, I have installed a samba PDC with LDAP on Debian Lenny 5.0.4.  there seems to be a bug in phldapadmin (the one shipping with Debian Lenny), because the smb-password is not longer hashed. when setting a new domainuser via phpldapadmin with the "Samba 3 account"-scheme,  I can not log in to the domain.

I have to do a "smbpasswd user" to get it work.

when I use "smbldap-useradd user && smbldap-passwd user" everything is working fine.

I tried this on three different installations (with Debian Lenny 5.0.3 through 5.0.4), always the same problem.

I have installed the mkntpwd-Tool (as in former installations), but it is not longer needed and I cant even choose it in the phpldapadmin/config-File because there is no longer such a file ... :-( 

I have installed all the perl-crypt-modules, tried it with different settings in the smb.conf:

unix password sync = yes
ldap password sync = yes

but nothing helped.

anyone else who has the same problem? any hints or maybe the solution?

thany a lot in advance!

tim-ole golz


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