[Samba] permission issues between 3.4.0 & 3.0.3?

Alex Perez quimicefa at gmail.com
Wed May 19 05:07:34 MDT 2010

Hi all!!

I'm experimenting a set of problems when trying to connect Samba client to
windows. I don't have admin rights on the windows side, so I should trust
all my winSA admin is telling me.

Windows side (server):
In the server Side (win2k3), the SA defined a shared resource.
The share-permissions tab the "domain users" group has typical permissions,
and in the security permissions tab the "domain users" has "read & exec",
"show" and "read".

In the server the structure is

the "share" resource maps to c:\share, with the permissions described above.
Both folders dir1 and dir2 haven't any permissions to the user I'm using to
connect (test-user)
"Target" folder has permissions to allow test-user to read, list, write,
modify ... all but full control.

Linux side (clients)

First try with CentOS 4.7 -includes samba 3.0.X-.

mount -t cifs //w2k3server/share1 /mnt/smb
cd /mnt/smb
ls -> OK
cd dir1/dir2/target -> "dir1" doens't exists for this client

same behaviour if mounting directly as:
mount -t cifs //w2k3server/share1/dir1/dir2/target /mnt/smb
cd /mnt/smb
ls -> "." doesn't exist

Second try with Ubuntu -samba 3.4.0-
mount -t cifs //w2k3server/share1/dir1/dir2/target /mnt/smb
cd /mnt/smb
ls -> works fine
> testfile1.txt -> works fine

But I should use the CentOS box, so I compiled from sources the RPM of
3.4.0, 3.4.1, 3.4.8 ... same results with 3 versions -> identical as the
first try.

I can't figure out what is failing here, the "bug" is still live with CentOS
+ samba-common/samba-client 3.4.X, while works properly with Ubuntu +
samba-common/client 3.4.0. Should I upgrade the kernel "cifs" module or
other component?

Any clue will be appreciatted.


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