[Samba] Unix password sync

Chris Smith smb_77 at chrissmith.org
Fri May 14 14:33:13 MDT 2010

On Fri, May 14, 2010 at 3:46 PM, Alessandro Grandi
<alle_sandro at libero.it> wrote:
> If I login the server as a user of the domain and I try:
> $smbpasswd
> I put the old password, then the new and I get the following:
> "SAMR connection to machine NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED failed. Error was
>, but LANMAN password changed are disabled.
> Failed to change password for <user-name>"

This is bug #2128 - https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2128

Originally reported for version 3.0.8 and still broken in 3.5.2. Makes
it impossible to test unix password sync without a Windows box.

You probably have to edit your password chat. Visually examine what
happens when you change the unix password and edit the chat to match.



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