[Samba] Unix password sync

Alessandro Grandi alle_sandro at libero.it
Fri May 14 13:46:30 MDT 2010

I'm new in this list and i'm quite new to samba.

I'm trying to configure samba as a PDC for a Windows XP network.
Samba version: 3.2.5 on Debian Lenny 5.0.4

The domain works, as well profiles. The problem is the "unix password 
sync" options.

My values are:

|unix password sync = yes
passwd program = /usr/bin/passwd %u
passwd chat = *New*UNIX*password* %n\n *Retype*new*UNIX*password* %n\n 
*Enter* new*UNIX*password* %n\n *Retype*new*UNIX*password* %n\n *passwd: 
*all* authentication*tokens*updated*successfully*|

When i try to change the password from the windows client using an 
account of the domain
(Ctrl+Alt+Canc and then Change password) I get the following message: 
You do not have permission to change your password.

I noticed that when I try to change a password on the server (as root)
#smbpasswd <account-name>
It changes the samba password only, but not the linux one.

If I login the server as a user of the domain and I try:
I put the old password, then the new and I get the following:
"SAMR connection to machine NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED failed. Error was, but LANMAN password changed are disabled.
Failed to change password for <user-name>"

I googled a lot and I found lot of people asking about problems like 
this but no solutions.
Anyway I hope someone can help me with this :-)

What I tryied:

1) I'm Italian, so I tried to change the passwd chat, but didn't work.

2) I've set
    lanman auth = yes
    client lanman auth = yes
and then when I try (as a domain user)
I get a different error: "machine rejected the password 
change: Error was : RAP86: The specified password is invalid.
Password changed for user <user-name>"
But the password don't change!

I hope someone can give me some hint to solve the problem :-)

Thank you!

Alessandro Grandi

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