[Samba] How ot migrate from /etc/samba/smbpasswd -> LDAP ldapsam:trusted

Gaiseric Vandal gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com
Sun May 2 11:34:21 MDT 2010

Pdbedit should have some import /export commands.    I don't remember if you
want to change the smb.conf entry for backend before or after you do the
import.  I actually had the tdb backend for samba but already had the "unix"
users in ldap.   I was trying to update the accounts with the samba
passwords, SIDs and other "windows" specific stuff.  

None-the-less, it didn't import properly for me.  About 1/2 users did not
get a password imported.  

Smbpasswd (smbpasswd -w?) should also let you dump out info into a text
file.  You could write a script to run thru each line, split the fields up
and the use the ldap commands to  create/modify the users accounts.  Perl
works pretty well for this with the "split" command.

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has anyone done a migration from an "old" smb passwd file =
/etc/samba/smbpasswd setup to a "up to date" LDAP ldapsam:trusted setting?

(Centos 5.4, samba-3.0.33-3.28, openldap-2.3.43)

If so, is there some how to? Or may somewone share his/her experience
with me.

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