[Samba] Time stamps

Gary Wardell gwardell at gwsystemsdns.net
Mon Mar 8 11:43:30 MST 2010


My guess is that it's your setup.

I just checked some files on my systems (openSUSE 11.1, SAMBA 3.2.7; and Windows 2000 with Active Directory) and the dates and
times match.

Check that all systems are using the same time source and that all systems are set to the same time offset (time zone) and that
the windows system has had any needed time zone patches applied (there were some issued for Windows 2000 and XP, not sure about
Vista and 7; the Windows 2000 one had to be manually applied, although I found a third party utility online that would do the
trick.)  the time offset/zone setting is important, not just the time displayed on the clock, as time calculations are based on
the offset.


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> On 2010/03/08 11:39 (GMT-0500) Richard Hillis composed:
> > I am new to SAMBA and I have what I'm not even sure is an
> issue. I am
> > aware of the difference in time stamps between *nix and
> Windows. What I
> > don't understand is this: I used touch to modify the time
> stamps of a
> > large number of files on the file server from the server
> side to match
> > the time in the file name. They were video files from my
> Digital Video
> > Cam and the import program used the time stamp of the video
> as part of
> > the file name when importing. It was easy to do with a
> little command
> > line script, so I update all the time stamps to match.
> However, when I
> > look at the files from my Windows laptop, I noticed some of
> the time
> > stamps are off by one hour. I double checked the times on
> the server and
> > they are correct. I also noticed that the files that are
> off by and hour
> > appear to fall within daylight savings time. Is this a
> common problem
> > with SAMBA and Windows, or is there something I have
> configured incorrectly?
> I too wonder if this is something that needs fixing and as a
> practical matter
> can be fixed. I use both Linux and OS/2 24/7, and Samba as
> both client and
> server on Linux, while ancient LANMAN on OS/2. After each
> switch to/from DST,
> Linux and OS/2 timestamps get out of sync by one hour, until
> I reboot OS/2,
> which brings sync back.
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