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Felix Miata mrmazda at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 8 09:45:58 MST 2010

On 2010/03/08 11:39 (GMT-0500) Richard Hillis composed:

> I am new to SAMBA and I have what I'm not even sure is an issue. I am 
> aware of the difference in time stamps between *nix and Windows. What I 
> don't understand is this: I used touch to modify the time stamps of a 
> large number of files on the file server from the server side to match 
> the time in the file name. They were video files from my Digital Video 
> Cam and the import program used the time stamp of the video as part of 
> the file name when importing. It was easy to do with a little command 
> line script, so I update all the time stamps to match. However, when I 
> look at the files from my Windows laptop, I noticed some of the time 
> stamps are off by one hour. I double checked the times on the server and 
> they are correct. I also noticed that the files that are off by and hour 
> appear to fall within daylight savings time. Is this a common problem 
> with SAMBA and Windows, or is there something I have configured incorrectly?

I too wonder if this is something that needs fixing and as a practical matter
can be fixed. I use both Linux and OS/2 24/7, and Samba as both client and
server on Linux, while ancient LANMAN on OS/2. After each switch to/from DST,
Linux and OS/2 timestamps get out of sync by one hour, until I reboot OS/2,
which brings sync back.
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