[Samba] print jobs >4GB

Oncaphillis oncaphillis at snafu.de
Mon Mar 8 08:34:23 MST 2010

thanks for the fast reply
>> I've stumbled over a problem with large print jobs coming from windows vista
>> clients. Jobs above 4GB fail to be printed. The file in the spool
>> directory grows to
>> a size a little above 4GB and then printing is aborted. Transfer via
>> smbclient -c print
>> works fine and printing from the same windows client to a windows server
>> also succeeds,
>> so it seems both server and client basically can handle jobs above 4GB.
>> Is this a known issue ?
> No. Although you should try 3.4.6 to see if this changes
> anything (64-bit print fixes are in there).
I've tried 3.4.6 to no avail, but found out that the bug is more subtle.
It fails if the windows client is 64bit and works fine if it is 32bit.
If the client is 32bit even an old samba 3.0.25c seems to work find.
>> Is there a fix ?
> Can you get a log with the crient writing around the 4gb mark ?
> I'd be interested to see what error messages the server is
> generating when it fails.
     which debug level would be fine ?
> Raise a bug in bugzilla.samba.org and add the traces
> there.
> Thanks,
> Jeremy.

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