[Samba] Long delays when launching programs for the first time in my Windows 7 Profile (Samba 3.4.3 as PDC)

Tom H. Lautenbacher mailinglists at lautenbacher.biz
Wed Jun 30 14:21:51 MDT 2010

Ok I think it helps if I summarize my problem:

Client: Windows 7 Professional, 64bit, English
Server: openSUSE 11.2, running Samba 3.4.3 as a PDC

Login as Local user:
First time login: Profile is being created very fast
Further logins: Profile is being loaded very fast
First time launch of software: Instant startup of software
Further launches of software: Instant startup of software

Login as domain user:
First time login: Profile creation takes AGES (30-50 minutes)
Further logins: Profile is being loaded very fast (10-20 seconds)
First time launch of locally installed software: Startup of software takes
ages (approx 3-6 minutes)
Further launches of locally installed software: Instant startup of software

> I'd ask on one of the windows groups -- maybe some MVP would know.


> that or try tracing the actions with the 'sysinternal' tools
> (at the ms website now)...you can use 'process monitor' to
> see what a process is doing -- shows you network registry and file
> accesses -- and its free.
> Their creator works for MS now ...type in sysinternals.com -- it
> redirects to the microsoft website now.

Thank you I will check that out!

> I doubt it's samba -- since no one else is seeing that symptom...

I think it is, since I am having this effect only when using my roaming
But I think that the group of users using the following combination:
"Samba 3.4.3 & Windows 7-64bit & Samba as a PDC & roaming profiles & using
this mailing list & being able to report the problem"
is very limited until today..
> maybe some antivirus interaction?
Will check with sysinternals but assume no, because oft he
locally-is-everything-fine thing.

> the login/logouts -- read about them on MS's website...look up
> under profile loading ... it talks about how multi-gig profiles
> will really slow down first time loading.

As I wrote, I am having the problem with FRESH CREATED profiles, which are
just a few kilobytes of size!

> If you think it is a network problem,
> use "wireshark" -- it will let you observe the network traffic.
> (google it) it's also free.

Thank you Linda.

> You need to become familiar with all these diagnotic tools
> (that and get yourself a "procmail" email filter so you  can filter
> out all the garbage from all the email groups you have to subscribe
> to to just keep things working!)...

Do you know a good windows-alternative to procmail? Isn't the new outlook
2010 able to group emails into threads?

> > Seriously -- I have nearly 80 email groups I sub to...if I didn't filter
> I'd just 'lose it'...but they all go into folders and I read them when
> I want...if I don't, I have them setup to automatically expire after
> a few months...  it's just like a forum, but better....since it's
> all in one place!  :-)

Well I am attending to about 20 forums and I am having everything in one
place too: My email-mailbox as soon as I am getting an answer to my postings
:-) But not 10000 other emails that need further processing ;-)

> Good luck...!  Lemmy know if I can point you at any
> tools -- look for open source ones (or MS supported ones)...
> that way you have less to worry about in the way of viruses!  :-)

Ok, thank you!


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