[Samba] wins or windbind problem? - help please

Pablo Chamorro C. pchamorro at ingeominas.gov.co
Tue Jun 22 14:40:15 MDT 2010

On Tue, 8 Jun 2010, Gaiseric Vandal wrote:

> WINS handles machine name resolution and locating domain controllers. 
> WINS is a legacy of NT4 days when DNS was something for unix users 
> only.    You could probably work around the multiple WINS server issues 
> by using lmhosts (I had some success with that)  but it is probably 
> simpler to just designate a primary WINS server-  since it sounds like 
> everything is on the same LAN (no multiple subnets or routing.)  I never 
> had luck editing the wins data files.
> Winbind handles looking up user accounts in other domains and allocating 
> them uid and gids in the local domain.

I haven't found time to try using lmhost. And I'm just starting to learn 
how winbind works, thank you.

> The major advantage of using a Microsoft server as a WINS server is that 
> it handles WINS replication-  which can be useful if you have a routed 
> network and need multiple WINS servers.    I don't know how many clients 
> a single WINS server can support-  if you have under 50 Windows machines 
> I think you are OK.    It is also easier to view entries, add static 
> entries and purge old entries with a Windows WINS server.  But I don't 
> think that justifies migrating from Samba WINS server if that Samba one 
> is working fine.

I think I have something wrong in my wins setup. I let you know my 
findings. Thank you very much:)

Pablo Chamorro

> On 06/07/2010 06:40 PM, Pablo Chamorro C. wrote:
>>>> I have four domains in my LAN. I set up trust relationships for the 
>>>> domains, having each PDC working as wins server for each domain but 
>>>> I hd not set up winbind. I have samba3-3.3.12 + ldap (openldap 
>>>> 2.4.21) as users backend.
>>>> I mean, I have wins support = yes for each PDC, and I can access to 
>>>> the shared folders of each PDC from any windows computer from my LAN.
>>> The samba docs are pretty clear.  In order for interdomain trusts to 
>>> work all PDC's must use the same wins server.
>> I apreciate your time and your answer.
>> Well, in the samba docs you can also read that the use of interdomain 
>> trusts requires use of winbind, that's why I'm asking.
>> Well, In the redhat docs, I found also:
>> "In a mixed NT/2000/2003 server and Samba environment, it is 
>> recommended that you use the Microsoft WINS capabilities."
>> That's why I'm asking for an advice from people who have more 
>> experience and knowledge.
>> Thank you,
>> Pablo Chamorro
>>>> The problem is accessing to windows PCs from different domains. I 
>>>> mean, from pc1-domain1 I can't list the shares of pc2-domain2 
>>>> (access denied), and when I try to connect to \\pc2-domain2\share 
>>>> the error message is:
>>>> \\pc2-domain2 is not accesible
>>>> There are currently no logon servers to service the request logon.
>>>> Previously I shared the 'share' folder in pc2-domain2 PC and added 
>>>> permissions for users from domain1 and domain2 successfully.
>>>> Trying from a Linux server, a guest try shows:
>>>> [user]$ smbclient //pc2-domain2/share
>>>> Password:
>>>> Anonymous login successful
>>>> Domain=[SMINERO] OS=[Windows Server 2003 R2 3790 Service Pack 2] 
>>>> Server=[Windows Server 2003 R2 5.2]
>>>> tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED
>>>> Trying using a user account from domain2:
>>>> [user]$ smbclient //pc2-domain2/share -U domain2/user
>>>> Password: session setup failed: NT_STATUS_NO_LOGON_SERVERS
>>>> The domain2 PDC log is:
>>>> "domain_client_validate: Domain password server not available.
>>>> [2010/06/05 08:43:40,  5] auth/auth.c:check_ntlm_password(272)
>>>> check_ntlm_password: winbind authentication for user [xxxxx] FAILED 
>>>> [2010/06/05 08:43:40,  2] auth/auth.c:check_ntlm_password(318)
>>>> check_ntlm_password:  Authentication for user [xxxxxx] -> [xxxxx]
>>>> I tried adding PDC data from the wins.dat file from PDC2 to the 
>>>> wins.file from PDC1 (and in the other way) but it didn't work. I 
>>>> have this:
>>>> "PDC2#00" 1275960126 66R
>>>> "PDC2#03" 1275960126 66R
>>>> "PDC2#20" 1275960126 66R
>>>> "PDC1#00" 1276005993 66R
>>>> "PDC1#03" 1276005993 66R
>>>> "PDC1#20" 1276005993 66R
>>>> Please, here my questions:
>>>> 1. Could you please give me an advice for my problem?
>>>> 2. Should I setup only an only wins server?  The one from 
>>>> samba4wins? Where? In one of the PDCs or in other server?
>>>> Thank you,
>>>> Pablo Chamorro
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