[Samba] samba printing from 64-bit windows server 2008

Rob Moser Rob.Moser at nau.edu
Mon Jun 7 16:51:20 MDT 2010

I have a redhat EL5 samba server hosting a collection of printers and
joined to a domain.  I can connect to this server and print happily from
a 32-bit XP box on the domain, but a 64-bit windows server 2008 box
cannot connect, and returns the error 0x000006d1.

I get the same results with samba 3.0.33 (came with redhat), 3.5.3 (the
latest from sernet), and 3.3.12 (this message from the samba-technical
archives -
- mentions that at least as of February there were issues with 3.4.x+
and 64-bit OS'.)

/var/log/samba/log.smb from the time around the failed connection contains:

[2010/06/07 14:45:24,  2] lib/access.c:check_access(406)
  Allowed connection from ::ffff: (::ffff:
[Repeated many times]
[2010/06/07 14:45:24,  2]
  find_printer_index_by_hnd: Printer handle not found:
find_printer_index_by_hnd: Printer handle not found:
close_printer_handle: Invalid handle (OURS:29459:29459)

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