[Samba] net ads join gives krb5 error

Richard Smits R.Smits at tudelft.nl
Mon Jun 21 07:48:24 MDT 2010

Does anyone know what produces this error ?

Everything seems to work o.k. , but this has introduced itself when the 
first windows 2008 PDC was installed.

net ads join createupn=nfs/hostname.company.net at COMPANY.NET -U superuser
Enter superuser's password:
Using short domain name -- DOMAIN
Joined 'HOSTNAME' to realm 'company.net'
[2010/06/21 08:47:29,  0] libads/kerberos.c:ads_kinit_password(356)
   kerberos_kinit_password HOSTNAME$@COMPANY.NET failed: Client not 
found in Kerberos database

Greetings .. Richard

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