[Samba] ADS and Groups

Yashpal Nagar yashnagar at gmail.com
Mon Jun 21 07:24:57 MDT 2010

Hi All

I have joined SAMBA server with ADS and would like to know the correct
interpretation for mentioning the groups defined in AD, local (/etc/group)
if that possible into the smb.conf

So far I have used DOMAIN\USER1 with spaces or commas,  or "%D\USER1"
working Ok

But if the user list is large and we don't have already a existing AD
group,  Is it possible to create a local group /etc/group and map all the
USER1, USER2 AD users into /etc/group?

I have also seen with Security=Domain, we can correctly resolve to local
(/etc/groups) , if all the users are defined into the AD, what is the best
way to user samba as the Security - Domain or ADS ?

Please advise and let me know if there are any pointers.


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