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2010/6/19 Tiago Damasceno ::: TDA INFORMÁTICA
<tiago at tdaconsultoriadigital.com.br>:
> This facility was not made by me but by another trader who worked here in
> the company before me.
> He did not follow the standard methods of directory applications, so you
> must be wondering the files in different directory.

Well then some random package you find on the Internet might not work
even if it is named the same.

> I'm having a hard time understanding what my predecessor did, since it was
> unusual.
> Actually I thought about reinstalling the samba and make a new file server,
> however, my United Linux distribution is based on a very old version of
> SUSE, when I try to upgrade samba to a newer version it asks a series of
> dependencies.

This is why it would be safer to get another computer and install
Samba on it and then move the other services over to the new computer
and then switch off the old computer.

> I'm afraid that installing these dependencies can cause some side effects,
> because I have an application running on the Oracle server.
> Did not anyone could just send me this file? Since we can not find anywhere
> the blessed?

I cannot help you with that.

Another thing you can try is rebuild the source RPM yourself.  You
might need to install some other development packages to do this,

See e.g.:

Maybe you should post a new thread with a subject like:

Looking for samba-2.2.5-107 RPM for SuSE or United Linux (or Conectiva?).

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