[Samba] Problem with Windows XP: Cannot join Samba PDC

Hung Nguyen it.bi.nguyen at gmail.com
Thu Jun 17 08:22:37 MDT 2010

I have tried several times to get Windows XP client join SAMBA PDC 
domain, but no luck.
I follow some nice guide from Ubuntu Forum and samba Document, my Samba 
PDC working with OpenLDAP.
When I type join XP to domain I get : http://osvn.pastebin.com/QUpVVq5q 

DOMAIN is name of workgroup = DOMAIN in my samba group, it seems like XP 
client cannot find where is DOMAIN.
I'm pretty sure that my DNS is working properly, XP can resolve 
dc.DOMAIN.local to its IP address and use my dns server to connect to 
internet without problem.
Linux Clients can join domain without problem.

Does someone face this problem before, please help.
I also enable WinS server on Samba configuration.
Actually, I dont understand why I need a local DNS here, because when we 
join Samba Domain, we just type in Domain form NetBios name of server, 
not full domain name. If you can explain, please give me an answer too.
Thank you very much for your help, 2 days working on it did not help me 
too much.


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