[Samba] Samba 4 Cleanup Managing and Otherwise

tms3 at tms3.com tms3 at tms3.com
Wed Jun 16 20:49:30 MDT 2010

OK, there has got to be a way to work with this thing other than 
wiping the Domain every time an error pops up.

Trying to resolve problems I did a git upgrade and:

setup# /usr/local/samba/sbin/upgradeprovision

Which provided the unhelpful:

Found 3 domain controllers, for the moment upgradeprovision is not 
able to handle upgrade on domain with more than one DC, please demote 
the other(s) DC(s) before upgrading

As I am actually trying to clean up an orphaned DC due to the fact 
that dcpromo fails to remove AD from a windows server I am in even 
worse shape than before the git upgrade.

As I don't have unlimited funds, and the M$ software is outrageously 
expensive, I can't keep blowing Windows servers out and reprovisioning 

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated here.


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