[Samba] Samba packages for debian squeeze

Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Tue Jun 15 22:40:54 MDT 2010

> I haven't run into the problem on Squeeze recently, personally, so it may
> have gotten fixed in the last couple of releases. I did have a lenny box
> with 3.4.8 from backports that had the problem a couple of days ago, but I
> did two today without any problems. I just chalked it up as a fluke and used
> the full command and went on with my life. The server does not have any net
> entries in /etc/alternatives. Is there a log I can look at and see what may
> have failed? If there is, I can submit a bug, but I can't reproduce it on
> demand.

If they don't fail, actions made in postinst scripts are not
logged. If they fail, the "apt-get install" or "aptitude install"
command is expected to fail...

You mention a machine that has 3.4.8 backproted package and no

Can you try to manually run the command I mentioned in my previous
post (as root, of course)?

Can you also run "dpkg -L samba-common-bin" on that machine?

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