[Samba] Debian Lenny 3.5.3 packages pam-auth-update

Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Wed Jun 9 14:12:54 MDT 2010

Quoting Christian PERRIER (bubulle at debian.org):

> Indeed, I noticed this problem  (this is the second time these
> remainings from Debian squeeze packages slip to the lenny backports,
> official or not)....and fixed it in 2:3.5.3~dfsg-1~unoff50+2 packages.
> However, as of now, binary packages are compiled only for i386
> architecture and I did not compile the amd64 packages. So, I assume
> you're using amd64 as architecture. Am I right?

Maybe not. Turns out that, contrary to what I was believing, I did not
complete the built package upload.

It is in progress right now. Later on, amd64 packages will be ready
and available.

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