[Samba] strange "couldn't find service" error message

Moray Henderson Moray.Henderson at ict-software.org
Tue Jun 8 02:39:18 MDT 2010

Matt Ingram wrote:
>There's about 10 users in the group.  All of them can access the share
>fine, except for one guy. He's a valid user and has many other share
>drives on this system that are working fine.  All 10 users are using a
>Windows XP platform.
>The log.smbd has an entry like this for his requests:
>username ( couldn't find service share-name for the
>The "for the folder" part of the error stands out to me, but I don't
>know what it means.
>using smbclient locally (and remotely) I can map to this share using
>credentials fine..
>the share in smb.conf looks like this
>valid users = @share-name @ntadmin
>admin users = @ntadmin
>force group = share-name
>create mask = 0660
>directory mask = 0770
>any thoughts ?

Is the problem restricted to this guy's computer - can you connect to
the share from his computer using someone else's credentials, or connect
to the share from another computer using his?

Are the share name, group name and user name all using plain ASCII

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