[Samba] Configure the LDAP demon in Samba4

Tobias Schliebitz tobias.schliebitz at googlemail.com
Sat Jul 24 07:49:27 MDT 2010

Dear experts,

excuse me if my terminology is not quite exact, but: Is it possible to 
configure the AD/LDAP demon integrated in Samba4?

Reason for my question is: I have succeeded to bulk insert contacts into 
the AD, I can edit them with the appropriate Windows 7 tools, and I can 
read them from Thunderbird and Outlook. Samba even seems to ship with a 
self-signed certificate for SSL encrypted access via port 636. However, 
I do not know how to

     a) exchange this certificate or
     b) restrict access to contacts, computer and password information

in the way I would do it by configuring slapd.conf on an OpenLDAP host. 
Any enlightment would be very appreciated.

TIA, Tobias

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