[Samba] Weird samba pdc problem.

Donny Brooks dbrooks at mdah.state.ms.us
Tue Jul 20 09:04:33 MDT 2010


      We have been running a samba pdc with LDAP backend setup here at 
work since "before my time" (a few years now). Recently it has became 
necessary to move a handful of users to their own server for shares, 
profiles, and such to reduce the load on the primary server. Of these 
users, all moved just fine with the exception of one user.

All the users that were moved are using windows xp. I updated all their 
profile paths in ldap, removed their logon scripts from the primary 
machine, edited the logon scripts on the new machine to point to the 
proper machine and share, and even ran the unix2dos on the logon scripts 
for good measure. I even compared the non-working persons ldap entry to 
one of the working ones and they are identical expect the name and 
personal stuff. So here it is a week later and 3 of the 4 users are 
pulling their profiles, my documents, and shares from the new server 
with little intervention on my part. It is that last one that has me 
stumped. His machine refuses to pull his profile from the new machine 
and won't pull his my documents (we redirect them as the R: drive). 
Instead it tries to pull form the old machine and sees there is no 
profile so instead loads the local copy instead. I have removed the 
logon script, removed the folders for his profile and such and restarted 
the samba and ldap service about a dozen times to no avail. I even made 
sure his machine was powered completely down to ensure it isn't just 
hibernating and keeping settings in memory.

I am at a loss why this one user is giving me such issues. And of course 
it would be the head of the section I am doing the server for. Any help 
or pointers would be much appreciated.

Donny B.

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