[Samba] Cannot browse domain user list with 3.5.4

ciradhb.forward at laposte.net ciradhb.forward at laposte.net
Tue Jul 20 08:35:00 MDT 2010


I am using Samba as a Domain Controler without AD nor LDAP. Everything works fine for a long time with samba 3.3.2.
I am trying to upgrade to the latest samba release 3.5.4 .

Here is the procedure I followed :

- download, configure , and make samba 3.5.4
- stop the samba daemon (3.3.2 )
- bakup the /usr/local/samba tree where samba 3.3.2 is installed
- make install , (in the same location as 3.3.2 )
- restart the samba daemon (3.5.4)

After doing some tests, everything seems to work ok.
Except that :
- when trying to use usrmgr.exe as a Domain Admin , I can't connect to the domain , I got the message : "do you want to select another domain to administer"
- when I try to list the domain users (for adding Permissions to share a folder, or adding a domain user in a local group), I only see the domain groups, no domain users.

Is it a known issue ?
Does it have something to do with Domain Admin rights ? 

Please help !

Thanks in advance


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