[Samba] Problem mapping Samba shares in Windows

Informatica it at vlaamswoningfonds.be
Tue Jul 13 03:25:37 MDT 2010


In our company we are currently running a Samba server and Windows XP clients. 
At the moment we are having problems with mapping Samba shares in Windows. 

Shares are being mapped through a windows startup script, which executes net use (with the option persistent:no) command. 
For most users this works most of the time, nevertheless it often fails, the exect reason for this isn't clear yet. 

When this happens, the samba server prompts for username and password on executing the mapping script again (after logging on). 
This should not be nessecary since the user already is already logged on at that moment. 

After rebooting serveral times without making any changes, the script does work and all drives are mapped correctly. 

What could be the cause of this problem? 

Thanks in advance, 



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