[Samba] windows 7 share and smbclient

Luca Ferrari fluca1978 at infinito.it
Fri Jan 22 04:52:12 MST 2010

I've tested that samba (smbclient 3.4) cannot connect to a windows 7 share but 
however it is possible to mount such share with smbmount.
When I try to connect specifying username and password I got a success but 
nothing happens:

smbclient //s28/backupinfook -U backup
Enter backup's password:                                           
session setup failed: SUCCESS - 0   

while from another windows machine I can connect to the share. When I mount 
the share with smbmount I can browse its content. So there is something 
working different between an smbmount and an smbclient. What can I do if I 
don't want to mount the share?


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