[Samba] Recycle VFS + Gnome Trash

James A R Brown james at enrogen.com
Fri Jan 1 03:44:40 MST 2010


We have hard mounted samba shares (via pam_mount) at login including the
user home dir.

We have tried setting up the recycle VFS module which works fine when we
delete a file from the share on the command line.

But when we delete a file in gnome via the gui, it puts it in the users
~/.local/share/Trash folder and samba does not see this happening on the
share.... maybe as its a move file technically from one share to

So our problem is that we have two trash locations happening dependant
on what the user does and what app they are using.

Is there anyway to work around and at least say have a common point for
the trash... or at the very least get samba to save a copy via recycle

Thanks for any help.


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