[Samba] Samba as a AD slave

Yann Hamon yann.hamon at thehumanjourney.net
Fri Jan 1 02:13:06 MST 2010

Dear Samba team, 

I have read with great interest your recent progress in compatibility with Active Directory, and seen that you have asked to hear from people with interest in this. I am in charge of the IT server infrastructure of a small/medium company (400 people, 5 offices) currently running Active Directory on Windows 2000 with windows XP clients. We haven't upgraded the AD yet in hope to move to a samba Domain Controller.

What I would like to do to start my migration would be to keep my Windows 2k AD servers in our main office, and build slaves in all our other offices using samba. Once this is done and works well, I would upgrade the primary DC.

Is this possible yet? Happy testing alphas if good documentation is provided. We do not have any replication in other offices at the moment (using basic workgroups...) so not much could go wrong.

And btw: Happy new year to the samba team!

Systems Manager
Oxford Archaeology: Exploring the Human Journey

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