[Samba] Redirected Folders and Mapped drives

Nick Pappin npappin at latahfcu.org
Fri Jan 8 10:14:17 MST 2010

Hi Everyone,
     I keep on seeing a weird behavior. I have had a PDC set up for over a
year now and it has been handing out profiles since we put it in. We are
using a login drive to mount a share as a local drive letter. Additionally
some users have mapped drive letters to other servers on the network. Last
week I set up folder redirection because we are getting new windows 7
computers for one of our offices. Now when the user first logs in and tries
to connect to a drive letter other than the login drive the are asked to
re-authenticate. I have hit the save credentials box multiple times and it
makes no different it wont save across reboots. Has anyone run into this
behavior before or have any ideas?

Thank you for your time,
Nick Pappin

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