[Samba] How SMB client recognizes when to use PDC or BDC

Marcin Giedz marcin.giedz at arise.pl
Fri Jan 8 09:57:14 MST 2010

Gaiseric Vandal pisze:

Thanks for the hint !

... and to be clear I also read that only PDC should be WINS server.

BTW. PDC and BDC have LDAP master and slave installed accordingly.

> It seems that the nature of the XP client is to use the BDC if 
> available. You could try modifying the priority by adjusting the folloing
> announce version
> os level
> though to be honest I never got that to work for me. (I have a samba 
> 3.0.x PDC and BDC and a samba 3.4.x BDC and I did NOT want the 3.4.x 
> machine being the preferred one.)
> If you are not using WINS, the XP client should broadcast for a logon 
> controller and only find local machines. I have not run samba DC's in 
> multiple locations. I have with NT4 servers, which support WINS 
> replication. I wish samba did as well. If you do use WINS, you would 
> probably want to make sure that you don't have a XP client using a 
> WINS server in another site. If both machines are WINS servers for the 
> local clients you may have to edit an lmhosts file to tell each DC 
> about other DC's on the WAN. Alternately you may want to make the BDC 
> in the remote office a WINS client of the PDC in the main office.
> The other approach may be to have separate domains for each office and 
> set up trusts. Each machine could be a WINS server if you used LMHOSTS 
> files to tell each server about the other.
> On 01/08/10 10:02, Marcin Giedz wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Maybe this was asked many time (although can't find it on google). Let's
>> assume 2 scenarios:
>> 1) I've got local network where PDC and BDC are set up. PDC is working
>> fine so the BDC is. When it's possible for any XP client to use BDC
>> instead of PDC? I read in samba docs that if PDC is slow client can use
>> BDC - but what does it mean slow for the client? How the client knows
>> what "slow" is? Can Windows client measure "some kind of ping response"
>> from PDC/BDC?
>> 2) But if I have 2 offices: first one HQ has PDC installed and branch
>> has BDC. How branches clients know to use BDC and not PDC?
>> I tried and read Network Browsing on samba doc web but this issue isn't
>> still clear to me. Can some please explain me how this works in Samba 
>> env?
>> Thanks,
>> Marcin

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