[Samba] Dual boot samba3/xp clients on AD domain

Roman Muñoz tatel at infonegocio.com
Tue Feb 16 10:45:41 MST 2010


I'm being asked about setting samba3 DMCs dual booted with XP. Now they 
are running fine with static IPs while XP clients run with dynamic IPs. 
PDC is a windows 2003 AD server.

Problem is that IT staff does not like to change any server config, so I 
guess this would be a matter of setting the same hostname on both OSs 
and disabling automatic machine account password changes on XP (as 
stated on MS's doc), but I'm unable to find any information about the 
samba side.

How does Samba set machine account at joining? If machine account does 
exist at joining, is that password used? If not, could that password be 
copied between systems? Do samba machines change machine account 
password automatically? If so, could this be disabled?

Any pointer would be greatly appreciated.



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